Why It Can Feel Harder To Get Your Singapore PR Application Approved

Many new foreigners and migrants to Singapore may get the impression that it is difficult to get their permanent residence status approved, especially when they converse with existing permanent residents in Singapore who have gotten here before 2007 to 2008. Nonetheless, if you have already gotten your submission rejected, here is some good advice on how you can submit an appeal letter to ICA to try to get your Singapore PR application approved.

Reasons why it can feel as though PR application status is getting harder to be approved

Here are some of the reasons why you may feel it is difficult to get your PR status approval.

ICA reduced number of yearly approved permanent residents

Firstly, Singapore and the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA has greatly cut down the amount of new yearly permanent residents approved by approximately 50% compared to the years before 2008. When you consider Singapore’s increasing status as an attractive city and country to live in and the overall growth in the world’s population which then results in increased demand for a Singapore PR, but yet decreasing supply of new permanent residencies given out yearly, it is simple to understand the difficulty of getting a SG PR status approved nowadays.

Political pressure by Singaporean locals to be more stringent on approving new permanent residents

Secondly, there is always constant pressure on the government of Singapore by the local population to give priorities and advantages to locals first. As a result of this, the government is constantly pressured to come up with policies which are in line with that. This sentiment is also increasingly yearly, and to deal with that, the Singapore government has to increase the standards and requirements for new applicants.
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Infrastructure and geographical size reasons

Thirdly, SG is not the world’s largest country in terms of size and infrastructure. While it has great standards of living and infrastructure, that does not mean that it can truly sustain any amount of people in it. Therefore, as the population in the country grows, the requirements for PR status approval will only get more and more stringent, so as to still get new immigrants into the country, which is needed for growth, while keeping the quality of these new people high. Naturally, this translates to a higher level of difficulty when it comes to PR application approvals.

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