How To Overcome Common Singapore PR Application Rejection Reasons

The easiest way to overcome rejection problems for your permanent resident or Singapore PR status is to find assistance with immigrations with a Singapore PR application agency, as they can check your entire profile and diagnose the issue as everyone’s issues can be different. The next best option is to read this post!

Here are the ways you can overcome common rejection reasons for Singapore PR applications.

Firstly, always be thorough. There are an alarming amount of PR applicants who actually do not submit everything that is required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, also known as ICA, during the application process. Even if you think that something which is requested for is trivial, it probably is not. Therefore, if you do not have that necessary document at this point in time yet, make sure to get it first. It is important to prepare all of these documents before you apply for permanent residence, or you will be wasting your money and effort.

Secondly, wherever possible, provide hard evidence or proof of whatever you are claiming within your PR application. There are too many falsified submissions or claims lacking in evidence over the last few decades, and ICA has become much sharper at detecting these. Social integration is useless unless you can prove it. Donating to local recognized causes is also useless if there is no paper proof behind it. Income and educational credentials are also useless unless they can be backed up with actual evidence. Make sure to keep all these in order right from the start if you even have the thought of ever potentially applying to become a permanent resident in Singapore.

Thirdly, live and work in Singapore for a few years first and prepare all of the above documents before applying to become a permanent resident. While most applicants do so, some rush to apply to be one the minute they arrive into Singapore. While still getting your PR application approved in this manner is possible, the chances of success are very slim. This is because in recent years, ICA is giving a preference to those who demonstrate a greater desire to live and contribute to the country for the long term with permanent residence. There was quite a fair bit of backlash from the existing Singaporean citizens and permanent residents when PR status was given freely before 2008, and drove up the prices for real estate in Singapore to completely unsustainable highs, which has since crashed sharply. This is because many of the old PRs never wanted to be in Singapore nor to do anything with it, other than leveraging the permanent residence purely for monetary reasons. As a result of this, over the years since, ICA has included more factors into approvals. Additionally, because the amount of new permanent residents was reduced, even with the exact same criteria, it would not work as ICA will have to increase its requirements to match both supply and demand side.

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