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In 1996 Sustrans commissioned dedicated local cycle campaigners Catharine ‘Catha’ Keegan and Sheila Webb to survey for National Cycle Route 18 between Ashford and Canterbury. Catha sadly died in 1998. Today half of this 17-mile section offers safe, ‘traffic free’ commuting, school run and leisure path for cyclists and walkers.


The Catha’s Seat Group was established to continue Catha’s work by promoting use of the route and continued improvement to safety. At first the Group raised funds to create a glorious rural resting place known as Catha’s Seat.

Now, we want to invest in your ideas.

Awards of up to £1,000 in equipment and expenses available for groups, schools or individuals that…

Campaign for an increase in traffic free cycle path between Ashford and Canterbury


Promote the cycle route as a safe way to schools and places of work, for people with disabilities, for health and leisure and as a sustainable form of transport

Example 1:

Simon wants to run cycle training courses on route 18. He applies for funding for helmets and hi-vis jackets.

Example 2:

Sarah wants to form a handcycle club for those with limited use of their legs to enjoy the traffic free parts of the route. She applies to support the costs of buying handcycles.

Example 3:

Local children and their parents want to organise a cycling distance challenge event on route 18. They apply for funds for prizes and refreshments.

Send us your ideas or just register your interest using the form below by the 14th May 2018 and we’ll help you to submit a full bid. The Award(s) will be announced in July 2018.

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