How To Overcome Common Singapore PR Application Rejection Reasons

The easiest way to overcome rejection problems for your permanent resident or Singapore PR status is to find assistance with immigrations with a Singapore PR application agency, as they can check your entire profile and diagnose the issue as everyone’s issues can be different. The next best option is to read this post!

Here are the ways you can overcome common rejection reasons for Singapore PR applications.

Firstly, always be thorough. There are an alarming amount of PR applicants who actually do not submit everything that is required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, also known as ICA, during the application process. Even if you think that something which is requested for is trivial, it probably is not. Therefore, if you do not have that necessary document at this point in time yet, make sure to get it first. It is important to prepare all of these documents before you apply for permanent residence, or you will be wasting your money and effort.

Secondly, wherever possible, provide hard evidence or proof of whatever you are claiming within your PR application. There are too many falsified submissions or claims lacking in evidence over the last few decades, and ICA has become much sharper at detecting these. Social integration is useless unless you can prove it. Donating to local recognized causes is also useless if there is no paper proof behind it. Income and educational credentials are also useless unless they can be backed up with actual evidence. Make sure to keep all these in order right from the start if you even have the thought of ever potentially applying to become a permanent resident in Singapore.

Thirdly, live and work in Singapore for a few years first and prepare all of the above documents before applying to become a permanent resident. While most applicants do so, some rush to apply to be one the minute they arrive into Singapore. While still getting your PR application approved in this manner is possible, the chances of success are very slim. This is because in recent years, ICA is giving a preference to those who demonstrate a greater desire to live and contribute to the country for the long term with permanent residence. There was quite a fair bit of backlash from the existing Singaporean citizens and permanent residents when PR status was given freely before 2008, and drove up the prices for real estate in Singapore to completely unsustainable highs, which has since crashed sharply. This is because many of the old PRs never wanted to be in Singapore nor to do anything with it, other than leveraging the permanent residence purely for monetary reasons. As a result of this, over the years since, ICA has included more factors into approvals. Additionally, because the amount of new permanent residents was reduced, even with the exact same criteria, it would not work as ICA will have to increase its requirements to match both supply and demand side.

Why It Can Feel Harder To Get Your Singapore PR Application Approved

Many new foreigners and migrants to Singapore may get the impression that it is difficult to get their permanent residence status approved, especially when they converse with existing permanent residents in Singapore who have gotten here before 2007 to 2008. Nonetheless, if you have already gotten your submission rejected, here is some good advice on how you can submit an appeal letter to ICA to try to get your Singapore PR application approved.

Reasons why it can feel as though PR application status is getting harder to be approved

Here are some of the reasons why you may feel it is difficult to get your PR status approval.

ICA reduced number of yearly approved permanent residents

Firstly, Singapore and the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA has greatly cut down the amount of new yearly permanent residents approved by approximately 50% compared to the years before 2008. When you consider Singapore’s increasing status as an attractive city and country to live in and the overall growth in the world’s population which then results in increased demand for a Singapore PR, but yet decreasing supply of new permanent residencies given out yearly, it is simple to understand the difficulty of getting a SG PR status approved nowadays.

Political pressure by Singaporean locals to be more stringent on approving new permanent residents

Secondly, there is always constant pressure on the government of Singapore by the local population to give priorities and advantages to locals first. As a result of this, the government is constantly pressured to come up with policies which are in line with that. This sentiment is also increasingly yearly, and to deal with that, the Singapore government has to increase the standards and requirements for new applicants.
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Infrastructure and geographical size reasons

Thirdly, SG is not the world’s largest country in terms of size and infrastructure. While it has great standards of living and infrastructure, that does not mean that it can truly sustain any amount of people in it. Therefore, as the population in the country grows, the requirements for PR status approval will only get more and more stringent, so as to still get new immigrants into the country, which is needed for growth, while keeping the quality of these new people high. Naturally, this translates to a higher level of difficulty when it comes to PR application approvals.

Moving To Singapore – What Are Benefits Of Being A Singapore PR?

Hi everyone! This is my first post. Ever since I moved to Singapore in 1999 as a teenager along with my parents, I have since become a permanent resident in this beautiful Lion city ever since. In this article, I will share with you some of the greatest benefits I have found that you too, can enjoy if you are a Singapore PR too!

If you want an easier path to becoming a Singapore permanent resident, I would recommend that on top of getting a high and stable salary, to also be a grassroots volunteer in Singapore!

Benefits of being a Singapore PR

Before migrating over, you are definitely curious about what is in it for you! Here are some of the benefits that you will experience being a Singapore permanent resident, just like I did!

Beautiful and safe city


Oftentimes used in many movies depicting wealth, luxury and greenery all at the same time, Singapore definitely looks like the picture of Utopia.

Low crime rates


Man or woman, young or old, you will definitely feel safe moving around Singapore regardless of what time it is or place. With good police regulations, people who came from high crime rate cities always feel safer in Singapore.

This is also one of the reasons why many extremely wealthy people live here – it is safe and spending on personal security can be reduced drastically.

Mostly wealthy expats

Due to PR schemes such as the Global Investor Programme, which allows for wealthy people to invest in approved funds or local businesses in Singapore as a gateway to eventual permanent residence and application for Singapore citizenship, lots of wealthy people are flocking to Singapore.

Access to good healthcare

Due to the good medical and hospital infrastructure in Singapore, as a permanent resident, you get to enjoy both a high level of service, and sometimes also subsidized rates because you are a PR. It is rare to find this level of medical competence at such rates in most other countries around the world!

Of course, no one wants to go to the doctor if possible at all, ever. However, this is a good benefit for you as a form of healthcare in the unfortunate event you require.

Several good schools throughout Singapore


As a permanent resident in Singapore, you will be able to easily send your children to many local schools, among which there are definitely some very prestigious and top schools. They are schools like Raffles Institution and Hwa Chong – which are the equivalent of top private schools in Western countries, yet they cost the same as public schools as they are still considered public schools.

Singapore is a good headquarter location for business expansion in Asia

Many business people also take on a PR in Singapore so that they can make use of the country easily as a headquarters to set up their business, leverage the local tax benefits, which is among the best in the world. Geographically, it is also one of the ideal locations that businessmen or businesswomen can use as a springboard to other countries in Asia! Additionally, Singapore is an English speaking country, so it is easy for many of us from Western countries to settle down in SG!

You can buy landed properties in Singapore as a permanent resident

landed housing in Singapore

Foreigners will need to apply for permission to purchase to the Singapore Land Authority for such potential purchases, as well as investments. On top of that, foreigners will need to pay very hefty property taxes in the form of additional buyer stamp duties.

However, if you are a permanent resident in Singapore, you can just buy these properties, and without the same hefty additional buyer stamp duties!